Tuesday, June 3, 2014


it's been a while since I last updated.  Today, my parents and my yo-dongsaeng went to town to have our lunch.  And yeah we had mees and chicken chop for yo-dongsaeng and I forgot to take photos but naahh who cares *snort*.  I had Penang laksa, asam laksa for omma & mee rebus for abeoji.  then we headed to a few places before we finally went to Parkson which I first thought as the Watson ==.  For practicum sake, they bought these for me~  Alhamdulillah~great sale~~ This time, my shoes are the normal ones (it means they aren't heels, sexy heels).  Omma had her eyes on these shoes since then, she mentioned this.  And this is my very third handbag...is it?  I think so.. :DD

I got my eyes on you~~ *sing Drake's song*

and a few more shoes!  Brilliant shoes & I got no chance of photographing them 
I was scared ==.

Yeah me managed to kidnap Etam!  Still why she acted this way :(
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