Monday, December 29, 2014

Games : SIMS 4

So... I think I got a game that suit me! I didn't I was into role-playing games! is Sims a rpg? Actually it is a simulation game..ahahaha.  First started when I watched MattShea youtube channel and one other guy which I forgot his name, gomme.. >,<.. anyway, he is hilarious and I enjoyed watching his videos!  Then I decided to have the game installed.  I actually had to wait to install it because I needed the internet connection but I was at my brother's house and it is in the jungle and so I waited.  Then my other bro gave me this cool link, it helped me a lot.  Thanks, dude~

This video.  Check this out to make your game work!

So it has been a few weeks since I've been playing this game.  At first I kind of messing up all the sim people ahhhaa, it didn't work out the way I wanted it to.  And of course I'm excited to do a lot of experiments, the cheats, the hacks and etc. Not until today, I learn how to do some cheats! hahahaa well I already experienced the struggle of work your butt off just to gain some money to feed your family (well.. I just let them get off with the 'Quick Meal') so I think it is fair for me to try the next level.. I'm not a pro gamer, I just call myself a person-who-plays-some-cool-games-and-not-going-to-be-a-pro-gamer-and-just-enjoying-myself aha!  Before this I actullly managed to install a game in my phone, the phone that wont let you add anything on it erghhh.  But I did.  The game was suggested by Sarah and I installed and played it and sometimes I still take a look at it.. The game is Dream House Days~ it is from Japan and it is cute and enjoyable..I got to have the feeling of being a landlady or something. Cool.  I made the first tenant named Luhan.  And then he got a wife and grew old and then decided to move == with no child.  I was a bit upset about that. Idk why but when it comes to games, I really want my characters to breed..and a lot.. yaaa..
The Dream House Days android game

And then I thought that this kind of game that attracts me most.. I did play the action games before but they didn't do much for me.  I do love them tho, kind of makes me feel awesome about myself haha eventhough I was not a good player but I played with my bros and thats cool :D.  Then I really love playing those kids' games wehh, dress up games, bake cakes games and etc O.o I myself shocked to discover this part of me O.o.

Luhan marrying Gerard
 This has nothing to do with any of real life people or characters eh. Just random names I could think of. And I think I;m getting better in naming characters.  My very first household.  The one in pink is Luhan Leonardo! I accidentally put that last name which doesnt suit at all.  That was my first of many new lessons about this Sims world, you cant change your name!  Yaa I made him gay.  (this is just a game heheh) he was marrying the love of his life if based on that pic. I forgot who is that.  But then, I deleted the whole game because the daughter of a household (cant remember which) ooooo I remembered now!  That guy in suit is Gerard Way~ hahha nothing related with the MCR's Gee was just happened cuz I need to make an adult in a household after I made Epal Way (I always love the last name 'Way') then I made a lil bro to her named Karl Andre Way..Yaa then I created Gerard.. so this is the my very first household, Luhan is second.  Then I made Gerard and Luhan a couple but they can't have a baby (I didn't know they can adopt meh == and I did install a mod babiesforeveryone but nothing happen so I uninstall it :3) and so I made the young adult Epal to find a lover and it turned out an old married man next door hahahhahah! They got married while Epal was pregnant!.. Hahaha what a mess right!!  After it was so messed up I deleted these households!  I was like ==.

Mika and Lola in their night garment.sorry for the ketidaksopanan and she was pregnant with Lokee.
Then the-after-that-households and I can finally get a grip of this household and it grows smoothly.  I made a married sims living in a small house in Willow Creek.  They are Mika Avery and Lola Avery.  Both names were inspired from Mika who else! Love him! But the family name was randomize and I wish I could change it -oo-.. I made them a big family well to think of they just have four kids..not that big but even though it is a game, bringing up a baby is soo hard :( so I made them stop at four kids.  They need space for grandchildren now..hehe.  Their kids are Lokee, Grace Kelly, Alfred (which was decided by the game because I wasnt there when he was borne) and Mikayla Mae Avery.  Two girls and they are red headed! hehe. Hmm I wish I can post their pics but I dont have them.  And they are growing up now hmm.. I made Grace Kelly to be a lil wee bit to love the long hairlock on GK and then when I busy playing the other household that is already in the game, she grows to be a big woman yaa but yaa she got that big boobs from her mom.  And so is Mikayla Mae. heheh but I always make them go on the treadmill.  I made them a big house after I learn a few cheats heheh.

yaa great pic of Avery family

That Black girl is Lokee's wife :D. and Alfred wasn't changed yet

Lokee is feelin his mommy's belly

I changed Lola's hairstyle

Good father Mika is reading to Lokee & GK

Olivia is a rich girl (that is why I made Lokee marry her!)

Olivia is kissin Lokee

Olivia failed with previous attempts

Yup she proposin to Lokee. He said yes.

Look at that rich building of Lewis family. Olivia Lewis. She's half black half chinese I guess.
And here is the plot gets tricky. Newly married couple and a baby named Lea Andrea Avery (cant think of a nicer name == I mean to my liking) moved in to Lujan's residential.  They are super rich too.  Alfred too joined because the house gets too packed.  While Alfred worked part time in clothes retail shop and go to school, Lokee flirted with the Harold Lujan! Can't believe it went to fast! I mean the pink bar indicating the love tension between the two sims. hahaha and then I learn that we can make the male sim to appeared pregnant but cant have baby tho using cheat..and I thot why not..trying2 right.  Then I made Olivia to see the newly couple having woohoo and she was laughing!  and then she got mad!  wahaa messed up aint it. but yaaa.

So yeah.  I had other few more households but I deleted them because it gets out of hand. And I enjoy building houses the most!

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