Thursday, July 3, 2014

Album: La Roux

I had this album quite a long time ago and thus gone my first impression, hmm I should occupy myself with notebook on this stuff and the review.  Uhh.  But, I have always listened to the Bulletproof and it took me like years before I had the desire to have the whole album.  Maybe I don't want to disappoint myself.  I just really love the track.  And few years before, I watched a video, a live one and she sang with her eyes closed and I was like a bit turned off by that and her singing wasn't to my liking.  But now, I searched any live videos and I love her so much and yeah of course La Roux as a whole!  She sings just as nice as other singers should be!  I like her performance, it is indeed a worthy shot if we would go to her concert and see her on stage!  She is energetic!  And in one performance, she reminds me of Gerard Way!  She is crazy.

My favorite tracks are Bulletproof (since forever), and In for the kill. I love the album as a whole.  A techno genre that I can include in my list or something.  I should write more.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Cameras Appreciation Post!

It's been super while (is this a word?) now!  And it is Ramadan!  May Allah bless us all and may our deeds & prayers accepted ><.  It is the forth of Ramadan already and my neighbors are being super nice to give us lauk for iftar.  There were mihun, ikan asam pedas, more mi hun, and today chicken curry!  Alhamdulillah~  I made potato soy sauce too. 

And yeah I slowly find myself attracted to photography lately.  I am so in love with this whole photography things now.  It has always been in me since I don't know when but I never thought I would want to capture photographs of someone or something this bad lately.  And I have my pet cat , Etee to be one of my subject of photo or my model.  Too bad she only gave me same pose.  I always want to capture her big iris moments as that are the cutest of her of all.  She is super cute.  Mostly people won't find my cat attractive and pretty but I love her anyway. :D.

So I have been searching for photography blogs a lot and yeah I always love watching ANTM or any shows similar to that because they had photo shoot sessions and cool photos after that.  Maybe that was the starting point.   I include some latest tumblogs I am following.  Mostly on landscape photography.  Looking at those mesmerizing, beautiful, mistical photos make me feel what an enjoyment capturing landscapes can be.  Never thought it would be offering the same feeling we would when we do people photos.  Lucky them to have such a wonderful place nearby (or maybe they are living in that place).  You might find nude photos in their collection.  image
I love all of their work Im gonna cry T_T.  I want to have cameras now.  In my house there a few of cameras but a few had broke down or at least lose its abilities.  I would love to have more and more toy camera.  With film, they are much more cheap.  

These are the cameras I have laid my hands on~
8Ten 1.3MP action camera
Samsung Wb250F
Lumix DMC fs12
Nikon Coolpix L18 (my very first own camera)
Canon Eos 1100d rebel t3
Canon Powershot G12
Digital camera
Kitto Underwater Lomo Waterproof Film Camera Light Blue
These are the ones I want! Hahaha.Ha Ha ha.
Holga TIM & flash
Holga 135BC White-Red
Diana Deluxe Kit (please!)
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