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Movie: Ginger and Ros

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PG-13,89 min.
Directed By:    Sally Potter
In Theaters:    Mar 15, 2013  Limited
On DVD:    Jul 23, 2013
A24 Films

I've downloaded this today and I finished this tonight.  I accidentally found this movie while searching for Elle Fanning's list of movies right after I saw her role in 3 Generations which I believed was once called 'About Ray' or something on her playing trans male character and in which she looks so good as a boy and ya she acts so well, I always love her acting.

This movie caught me first, by the name, 'Ginger and Rosa' which is cute and you know it right away it is about friends and stuff and when I read the synopsis, wow, with the theme of friendship (which I love) and 'when one seduces the other's father'.  Interesting, was my first impression and then woa this is sick but I have to watch this!  This is a new conflict to me, like you two are bestfriends since the day you were born and I think they might be born on the same day since their mothers are seen in their hospital beds, in labour side by side and holding each other' hands.  Even their mothers are best of friends.  And then we learn that the girls were friends since then, seen on swings holding each other hands.

Then we see them growing up to be beautiful young girls and have this adorable bond, they do things together and really are best friends.  However Rosa is always the bad influence, she is seen to smoke around and teaches Ginger to smoke too, she goes around with any guys whenever she feels like, Ginger never said nothing but we know she dislikes the things Rosa does.

One common thing they shared was their feelings towards their mothers, both despises their mothers, and Ginger seems to feel like her mother is always unhappy just because of her very existence, and also they have a wrecking marriages.  Rosa's dad left her when she was a little girl (if not mistaken, haha I guess I didn't pay enough attention to her)

Image result for ginger and rosa style

Image result for ginger and rosa style
they wear the same outfit too

also every scene where Elle is in, that frame is always good enough for a model photo shoot, she's flawless every second, hahha.

Elle Fanning dyed her hair red for this role and claimed that this was her first time doing so, "I always been just a blonde," she added.  This story set in the year of 60s where Ginger constantly fear that the world is going to end since the nuclear was making it's thingy, uhh I'm not good explaining historical facts :( and so she became an activist at such young age, she made Rosa to go to meetings with her but we can see that Rosa was quite uninterested.

There was one night after their wild scenes; kissing boys, smoking and stuff and when they reached home it was already really late in the morning, so Roland sent Rosa with his car, we can see that Rosa was looking at the reflection (was it directly?) on Roland and they shared a smile.

I guess it all started there or might be a little longer before the movie begins.  Rosa is the one who decides to write him a letter one day when she feels that Roland is very similar to her and Rosa even told Ginger that she writes to him.

Whatever Rosa does, and Ginger knows it all, she somehow does not flipped out, she remains silent or keeps herself busy when she hears some intimate noises made by Roland and Rosa in the boat that one night, Ginger trembles and she continues to read poem (can't remember which) and then she covers her face with her pillows instead going for a turmoil towards the couple.


I loved you Rosa.
Don't you see?
But we are different,
you dream of everlasting love.
Not me.
Because what really matters is to live.
And if we do,
there will be nothing to forgive.
But I'll forgive you anyway.
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