Friday, September 4, 2015

Writing: Links and more links

I just finished reading Sharon Creech's Love That Dog, a verse novel.  I just learnt the term from this book and OMG how I really am falling in love with this kind of writing!  I always wanted to write a novel but I always feel that I am way behind and not good enough and I am, I am being hard on myself :( .  So with this, I want to give it a try.

I like this book eventhough it is for children, but come on! Even the ugliest thing can be an inspiration to us, right?
Next stop will be of the same author, 'Hate That Cat'.
I'm not going to write a review on these books yet because I am eager to share some other stuff.
Then, I searched for 'Verse novel' on Pinterest for tips and explanation and all.  Then, this is how I came across with these links below:

I cannot believe that there are thousands of similar books and I really need them now!  Oh how I wish I can download them for free or have them sold here in my place.  I got my eyes on a few titles already; The Crossover by Kwame Alexander.  And yeah this site is called Brightly which offers you a lot of insights regarding writing and they are really useful to us, especially teachers and parents.  Their main focus is on kids, tho.
This is Malaysian online bookstore which sells many titles but I didn't find any on verse novel so far, not yet.  Their prices are awesome too, discounts here and there.  We can make ourselves an account to make purchase or you can just use your Facebook account.  I prefer the second :P 

I just found this and subscribed to this site's newsletter to get a free e-book haha!
Eventho I just found this site but I can tell it is amazing already.  The site is pretty too and convincing.  This site is made by Darcy Pattison who is an author and I believe, the owner of this site, (of course!).  She published many types of books including children's books and often offer tips on better writing which I will make most of it.  I never found her books before but now I feel like buying at least one of hers.  

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