Thursday, April 17, 2014


but ya I assume I'm the only one who just watched this last night

I was crying when I wrote this entry.  I was looking for a troll or meme to post on my fb as I volunteered to do that for their research or something, I came across this & it crashed me.  I was waiting for the downloading which I didn't even started yet to finish but then this happened!  It was like having the biggest secret unleashed! idk what I'm saying.  And then I remembered I saw a thumbnail of HIMYM finale ep on youtube.  Luckily the line was good.  Yaa I didn't even watched the first twenties eps tho.  I shocked that Robin & Barney didn't last longer, that was unexpected.  My fav moment was when Barney sees his baby and was being emotional, finally met the love of his life.  TT_TT.  That was a heart warming scene.  Eventhough I kind of know how it would end, Tracy being dead or something & I once again didn't expected it ended that way.  What the kids said was true, it was always be about Robin and not the mom.  The blue French horn scene made me cried a river.  idk.  I personally don't really know how I actually feel.  Maybe because of the almost no attachment between me and the Tracy character I don't really feel bad about the whole idea of the story.  I hate the description this wiki tells.  Really am, it sucks.  They should change it.  There are plenty more people who haven't started this show and would like to watch but please not with that description. idk.  But here I am pasting it in my writing, I've warned!  And how I always hope that Robin is the one.  And Robin please don't mess up again! idk.  When the kids tell Ted about Robin, I remembered about their vow they made many years before that on to get married with each other if they haven't found anyone when they reach forty.  I'm happy for them.  I think I am ok with this whole story.  I believe most of us wanted Robin to be the mother but the plot twist which I find very awesome, still managed to make Ted and Robin together and she is not even the mother.  I think it is cool.  But then I think Robin & Barney is great together.  Haiyaaa.  It was all about Robin after all.  Feeling like making a poem on this.  It is wonderful, funny, eye-opening, sad, and etc.  I had fun watching these.  I loss words heh. 
 *applaud on you guys*
thank you.  



Monday, April 14, 2014

13 Things Only Siblings Understand

I can relate hahahhah,
I bet they are real siblings & the girl is the older sibling.
And I love this man's voice.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Current Fav~

Yeeeehaaaaaa!  So I may be late but I found another model to be included in my favorite list!  And she is CARA!  Cara Delivingne!  She is soooo coool!! She can make funny faces but still look awesome & pretty!  Guhhh!  Thick sexy brows.  She was born in 1992.  And I just knew about her from ANTM cycle 20 when Tyra showed the models her photos of her posing as another models and so I googled it.  Then this one photo caught me.  This one!

Tyra as Cara.  I think she rocks it!

And so I googled for Cara and here we are, I'm stuck with her coolness!  And I think she can make a pretty man too.  Androgynous something. 

without make up
Funniest photo of her so far! LOL

She reminds me of Andrec Pejic and Taylor Hanson.  And yeah almost forgot.  Found this while scrolling down in Tumblr and the reason I came up with this post.

Sun Don't Shine by Will Heard & Cara Delivingne

She sounds so good I can't stop liking her!  And the man, love his voice and they make a good duet!  Lovely~  Without you~~ Yeah~ Owhh~

Yea some Rihanna here:


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