Thursday, March 27, 2014

Birthday~ Me

This year, some of my friends gave me photos like I always did to my other friends and family members but none of them replied!  Hahah.  And yeah the internet here is not cool so I had to skip many posts I initially intended to do.  Here are my friends who sent me cool photo collage and wrote nice wishes... T_T.. thanks but these are too much.  Thanks for believing in me and I am sorry if I give you a hard time.
  Thanks again.

This is from Sina
Dear Humairah Lokman happy 22!
- this girl occupies a special place in my heart , she is part of us, she is unique , she is artistic , she is our chiboro, our ebra and many more which I couldn't remember , thank you for always being a understanding and caring friend throughout this campus years , life is hard but friends are the one who lighten it down , you are my dear !
stay cute , stay weird , happy born day , may ALLAH shower you with HIS bless and may you became a great future teacher , insyaALLAH.
love you.
 This is from Eti
aku baru bangun tido ni.
happy birthday mairah. smoga bahagia sentiasa
aku dedikasi kan lagu ni tok ko. plus gamba edit sekeping.

happy birthday housemate.. hhuhu.. sori bal x pandai nak berpuitis mcm eti n sina...hopefully upcoming years u will be bless with happiness and love.. hehehe (ps. cpat dpt jdoh mcm yg km smua doakan hr 2... huhuhu)
- Bal
by Nam-dongsaeng

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Birthday: Onesann~

Wishing you a spectacularly beautiful birthday~ (○´∀`○)
(/_ _ )/♪へ(-。-へ)♪(/_ _ )/

Wishing you a spectacularly beautiful birthday~  (○´∀`○)
 (/_ _ )/♪へ(-。-へ)♪(/_ _ )/

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Vocal Range


This sem I'm in Choir class with ex-roomate, Ainaa.  We had some problems regarding the subjects.  At first we were in Drama & Teater class but then something came up and Ainaa changed our subjects and she helped me with everything.  Yup went up to the canselori building to deal with the office stuff and even dropped the subject from my account and all.  Haha.  Thanks!  So yesterday we had the vocal inspection thingy, and we sang in a group by group.  We sang the Sandiwara Cinta or something and the lecturer grouped me in the soprano group which I found a bit off.  When back in form 3, I had the same thing went for us but the teacher checked us a person at a time and she said I'm an alto!  I think I like being an Alto.  Because I don't like the way a girl sounds when they sing the high pitch or something.  Idk and forgive me I'm not professional but it doesn't sound natural to me.  Unless you sing in solo and sounds like Beyonce and more.  When you sing the high thingy in a group...ergh.  I am truly sorry.  Maybe later I'll learn why. 

So, I found the video above and tried.  I've checked mine and I got something from F3-C5.  But then Im not sure how to look at it.  And I got excited to find my favorite singers' vocal range!  There are a lot more fav singers out there but these two are picked because they first came up to my mind.  I randomly picked the info below.  It might differed from other source.
 Gerard Way
Voice type: Tenor
Sung Vocal Range: G2-D5
Total Vocal Range: D2-D5

Significant high notes

D5 ("Famous Last Words", "This Is How I Disappear", "Under Pressure", "Make Room")
5 ("Teenagers", "Welcome to the Black Parade")
C5 ("Famous Last Words", "I Don't Love You", "Mama", "Sleep", "Welcome to the Black Parade", "Demolition Lovers", "Hang'em High")
B4 ("Bulletproof Heart", "Dead!", "House of Wolves", "Mama", "Helena", "My Way Home Is Through You", "Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)", "Sing", "Teenagers", "The Sharpest Live", "Welcome to the Black Parade", "Headfirst for Halos", "Desolation Row", "The Ghost of You", "Cemetary Drive", "Boy Division", "The World Is Ugly", "The Light Behind Your Eyes", "Burn Bright", "Surrender the Night")
4 ("Party Poison", "Tomorrow's Money", "Kiss the Ring", "Make Room")

Significant low notes:

D2 ("The Kids From Yesterday" Amp Rock TV version)
G2 ("Mama" live)
A2 ("S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W", "To the End")
B2 ("Blood", "Desert Song", "Teenagers", "Early Sunsets Over Monroeville", "The Light Behind Your Eyes")
*Orange marks notes with questionable registers: absolutely no use figuring out these.
*Blue marks probable non-modal notes.
*Red marks extremely bad, unimpressive or unintentional notes.
*Italics mark non-sung notes.

Vocal type: Lyric-Contralto 
Vocal Range: 3 octaves 2 notes(B2- D6) 
Whistle Register: No 
Vocal Pluses: Distinct tone that makes Rihanna's voice easily identifiable. Voice sounds best in it's low to mid range- as heard in the verses of Russian Roulette- where it finds a solid tone that has a slightly smoky quality to it. 

Rihanna's belting range has improved in recent years; where previously her voice was nasal and thin, it now has a degree of strength and weight to it, sounding correctly placed- Listen to Only girl (in the world)

Rihanna's head voice is soft and airy with a sweet and warm tone and is capable of switching quickly and effortlessly into that part of her range. She has the ability to hold notes for lengths of time, while maintaining its dynamics and tone, as well being capable of singing vocal runs with apparent ease.  

Vocal Negatives: Rihanna's voice can still sound nasal at times (but I personally like it, tho), particularly in live performances.

me:  And I looked up a few vids of her live performance of the 'What Now' song and how she always mostly asked the fans to sing the 'What Now' part.  T_T.  That part is her strength but why she did that.  Sobs.  I like the part 'two sided mirror'.

Voice Type: Mezzo-soprano
Vocal Range: B

Significant High Notes
E6:(''Please Don't Stop The Music (Live)'')
6:(''Nobody's Buisness'')
5:(''Cheers (Live)'')
G5:(''Diamonds'', ''S.O.S.'')
F5:(''Disturbia (Live)'')
5:(''Man Down'', ''S.O.S.'')
D5:(''Diamonds'', ''Love The Way You Lie'', ''Man Down'', ''Stay'')
5:(''What's My Name'', ''Only Girl (In The World)'', ''S&M'', ''Lost In Paradise'')
C5:(''California King Bed'', ''Stay'', ''Complicated'', ''Where Have You Been'')

Significant Low Notes
G3:(''California King Bed'', ''Man Down'', ''Cockiness'')
3:(''What's My Name'', ''S&M'')
F3:(''Man Down'', ''Unfaithful (Live)''
3:(''Take Care'')
D3:(''Raining Men'', ''Disturbia'')
C3:(''Tip Pon Toe'')
B2:(''Te Amo'')


For more info

atm #np Princess of China - Coldplay ft. Rihanna  

Saturday, March 1, 2014

mts3042 assignment

too lazy to crop

This is what I have so far...thanks to Sarah for helping me come out with some ideas!  And yeah I'm on a short hiatus for this then >,<.  I miss this already.  I'll get to you, polka!

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