Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Hobby: Miniature

Smores by Chani-Chan, via Flickr
This Sylvanian stuffs UGHJJJ

 Linzer Jam Cookies by The Micro Bakery

 Via Flickr:
 1/12th scale linzer jam cookies with tiny hearts.  Made from polymer clay and acrylic paint.

Photos and tutorial:
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 Miniature butter cookies running away from youuuuuu~~!!  #miniature #miniaturefood #mini #clay #polymerclay #bear #rabbit #cat #cookies #dollhouse #scaleminiature #scaleoneinch #onetwelfth #realistic #handmade #Stitch #Disney #fanart #handmade #snowferncl by Cindy Teh

 Copper pots by JenniferNicholeWells

 Via Flickr:
 Copper pots. Something is cooking on the stove, but no one is around to tend to it.

Look at this architecture! SUPER LOVE THIS, It's mystical, rusty, pretty and wonderful!  I always love cute stuffs and I collect dollhouse stuff back as a little girl and it seems it never fade away..I still have the interest in this miniature stuffs.  Then one day, I came across Sylvanian families collection with their stunning pretty work-made, so realistic despite making the animals to be human-like and all but I just love the details and all the small things.  Too bad they are super expensive to me.  I managed to buy a pair of cat babies and a slide.  I kept my childhood plaything in a box, even though they are cute but they do not satisfy me, I want them to be more realistic and appear non-cheap.  Then I remembered omma once made me a cute bed and a cupboard out of just plain cards.  They look good and too bad my teacher decided not to see those cute things, not just mine but also the other kids.  I hated it.  Or was it like that? I honestly do not really remember it.. The furniture were so neat and pretty.

Then the urge suddenly came back after seeing those sale Behappy,com made.  I saw all the houses & stuffs that I could not afford.. why not make them myself.  Maybe my work would turn out just like the image above..who knows.. and yo-dongsaeng loves this as well,  She fancies stuff like these too, she'll help and we'll our butts off for some projects.  With this I can have tons of mini photoshoot Ive been dreaming to make..but without people in it.  I don't have the feeling to make little people so far...just the rooms and houses and all  the details in small spoons, magazines, plushies or toilets!

Look at these beautifully made rooms! They inspire me so so so muchh! 
DIY Dollhouse Miniature Traveller Time Dollhouse Kit by UniTime

DIY Pink Dollhouse Music Box Miniature House Handcraft Kit Birthday Gifts Christmas Gift Kids Women Toy Assembly Dollhous kits Model kits

They come in DIY....we need to assemble them
Should I start with this kit?

I imagine little woodland animals living in each room. :) » I would have LOVED to have had this as a child, it is so awesome!
Can I start now!! Give me ideas!!
(maybe a desk with books eh)

I should start a pin on miniature things, tips & ideas in Pinterest.
I'm Palgang btw

Here are the great sites I gathered so far:


Friday, July 3, 2015

The Atomics

I'm still new with their music and I've listened to their new single 'Too Late' on youtube and it is not really my cup of tea but they're talented and they're good :-D. But maybe I can fall in love with their other songs~ Check them out!
First of all, I was introduced to Lucky and he was the first I knew from the band members from a friend of mine.  I forgot how it started but I was talking about something maybe on male celebs crushes and then she told to look out for a guy named Lucky.  I was confused at first because the name obviously and so I looked up and I was in love! hahha too bad he is a kid!  He does not look like one but he just turns 17 and he is 6'3" and a model!  OMG why?? hahhah.  He is a social media heartthrob..bad luck crazy rabbit. and then I learned his band, The Atomics which consisted of three sisters of his! I guess from his Instagram if not mistaken.  There's always a pic of him with a bleached haired girl just like his and sometimes with other two more girls and they look alike and I was curious!
I've always love sibs or things that come in sets.  I looked up just how I always do and then I slowly come to learn that they are siblings and Lucky is the youngest and the only son in the family and three of them are models.  

They're hot and beautiful family. love you crazy rabbit This is not even enough, I even love their names!!     Starlie Cheyenne (21), Daisy Clementine (19), Pyper America (18) and Lucky Blue (17)... aren't these the cutest combos ever??Tuzki Bunny EmoticonTuzki Bunny Emoticon LOVE, I love their siblings' love, how they are really really close together, they are bandmates and models!  Just look at their selfies and magazine photo shoots, they are so loving and coooool.  Just play the video...(I am so jealousss Tuzki Bunny EmoticonTuzki Bunny Emoticon)

I even named one of my sims; twin sims; Beige Moss & Blue Lucky (after him).   Hahaah I'm such a sucker for Western namesTuzki Bunny Emoticon.
I am following all of their Ig.

ps: this sibs remind me of my cousins' children, three older sisters and a boy,, theyre still babies but I think they will be my next obsession! They are wonderful beautiful kids!!
my long left sims 4 (laptop is dead Tuzki Bunny Emoticon) I was in the middle of playing a cool family and am planning to do a crazy background story for them Tuzki Bunny Emoticon anyways~>  hahha look at how the Castle and Forest are related! 

The Forests
The Castles

hehe just a younger Cara

Keep rocking it, guys!
Love you

Tuzki Bunny Emoticon
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