Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Verse Novel: Timothy #2

Davis came up
so abruptly and
we're in public

I took a few steps
back and he noticed
are you a scaredy cat?

No, I emphasized
His face lit up
his finger pointed

It's Timothy
He'll get mad!
My face scrunched up

I pretended
I asked what is it
about him and me?

He likes you

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Music: Boy Pablo


I was browsing songs by Rex Orange County and I kept on seeing this thumbnail.  It didn't appealed to me, I don't know, I keep on having some impressions, bad ones.  But then after days of seeing it being suggested to me (was it?) but it's there, and so I clicked it and I was so happy I clicked it and I'm in love (hahha just like all the other bands and singers, art makers out there).

Then, I watched their MV on Losing You and I love the part where he started the first verse.  So cute.  Such a cutie, baby face but of a manly voice, manly deep voice.  That was the first attraction.  I posted a lot of them@him (is this a band or a solo?) on my Whatsapp status XD.  Look I really love this guy and the songs.  The image they bring, 90s vibes, with their guitar hung just a bit below their chest and the songs and the simple but effective lyrics and they have sense of humor!  Filming facing the sun hah!

I've been practicing my alto voice haahhah!

They are currently on tour and their instagram's stories filled with them performing casually somewhere in Europe.

Will they ever come here? 

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Poem: #52poetry X

Without a hero
villain will laugh
like me and 
I am here;
        a risk
                  by the path.

my storybird account

Monday, March 5, 2018

Poem: #52poetry IX

How It's Going To Be

How did we ever come this far anyway?
Still, I'd wish we did chase the lights
Still, I'd wish we did steal the nights

I'd say that I am okay but I am not
I'd say it again and I wouldn't lie if I tried
I will disappear and be in the atmosphere

I'd give you another chance if only you ask
I wish you'd say that I'm your number one
but I guess you are on your shit now honey

Let me tell you how it feels like to be 
taking everything for so much more than it means
but I know you wouldn't want to get it

My sinking of heart every time you strikes
tells that you can't have your blood warm
and you can't even hide the red splatters

I don't need you to do me favors
since you failed me numerous times
but I sure need you, need you to lie

and become someone 
that hates to see me go

(´▽`)ノ♪ : Heal by Lenka

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Music:Youtube Singers

I've been listening to Abbey Glover, she plays ukulele and creates originals like a piece of cake!  She has this angelic kind of taste well I'm not sure what words to best describe, not angelic angelic but soothing and dreamy.  I found her just recently and the first I listened from her was her original called 'I Wish You Liked Girls' and when it's written there that it's original, I was amused so I began listening some of her covers and her other originals and got myself notified by her latest videos and all.  I personally love her originals, her lyrics and her performance, they are just perfect.

And then she made a cover by Cavetown called Lemon Boy, I never heard this name and I thought it was a band name but it turns out that he is a Youtuber singer that just released an album called Lemon Boy and he's just a boy, if not mistaken but at least I'm way older than him haha.  So with that, I learn his songs, his vlogs and website.

Abbey Glover covers Lemon Boy by Cavetown

Lemon Boy Official Music Video by Cavetown

He makes nice songs, the lyrics they are just something and the videos and his vlogs and recently he bought a very cute cat!  Such a loving boy.  I've listened to his tracks but not the entire album yet, and I love Lemon Boy and Big Bowl in the Sky so far.

From Cavetown, I learned about another singer, Chloe Moriondo, really cool and pretty girl.  She makes covers and makes original songs too.  Love her make up and hairstyles especially in this video.  

Then I listened to her cover of Best Friend by Rex Orange County and I love it!  In fact I've been looking for the albums but still haven't found.

Which then of course led me to these

Rex Orange County has albums and one of it is called Apricot Princess which I find so cute and makes me want to buy the album so much!

I guess I love ukulele rendition so much and heartfelt and cute lyrics!

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