Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Birthday: You Are Older

Made by my sister using a Doodle Face app


we don't talk a lot
I think we are similar
only that you are older

Also, special to my two cousins who have close birthdays, in the same week:


you are awesome
glad that our moms are sisters
that makes us alike

to the 25th year old boy, I'll dedicate the song Palette by IU
and for the girl who's turning 24, 
do check out music album by HYUKOH titled 24: How to Find True Love and Happiness 
(I picked it because it's 24 and I found this band very recently)

Poem: Deadpool 2

Sleep, promised myself
then I headed for Red guy
but finished at time

He's hilarious
a guy that I could take in
despite funny cuss

I just want to say
it's not lazy but good
mix of many in one

Told no one, no friends
then I broke what I promised
I listen to her Consideration

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Poem: Every time

As you can see he never met me, ever
I already fell in love, you bet
his eye-drop guitar gets strummed by his fingers
but he never knew what gets me every time, every time

He doesn't know who I am
No, he doesn't know what I am up to
He doesn't know who I am

He doesn't see me
I see right through him

He doesn't know who I am
No, he doesn't know what I am up to
My heart gets broken every time, every time

He doesn't know who I am
No, he doesn't know what I am up to

He doesn't know who I am
I don't really know who he is

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Verse Novel: Timothy #2

Davis came up
so abruptly and
we're in public

I took a few steps
back and he noticed
are you a scaredy cat?

No, I emphasized
His face lit up
his finger pointed

It's Timothy
He'll get mad!
My face scrunched up

I pretended
I asked what is it
about him and me?

He likes you

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Music: Boy Pablo


I was browsing songs by Rex Orange County and I kept on seeing this thumbnail.  It didn't appealed to me, I don't know, I keep on having some impressions, bad ones.  But then after days of seeing it being suggested to me (was it?) but it's there, and so I clicked it and I was so happy I clicked it and I'm in love (hahha just like all the other bands and singers, art makers out there).

Then, I watched their MV on Losing You and I love the part where he started the first verse.  So cute.  Such a cutie, baby face but of a manly voice, manly deep voice.  That was the first attraction.  I posted a lot of them@him (is this a band or a solo?) on my Whatsapp status XD.  Look I really love this guy and the songs.  The image they bring, 90s vibes, with their guitar hung just a bit below their chest and the songs and the simple but effective lyrics and they have sense of humor!  Filming facing the sun hah!

I've been practicing my alto voice haahhah!

They are currently on tour and their instagram's stories filled with them performing casually somewhere in Europe.

Will they ever come here? 

Thursday, March 22, 2018

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