Friday, December 9, 2016

Trip: Cambodia PART 1

(should I be writing in malay?)
Alright. I think it would be better if I blog things on the spot back when we were on the trip because I have no idea where to start but at least this will do it. *sigh* and seeing none of my friends written anything on this issue so I figure I have to start first.  It's even urgent because I didn't make any written notes while I was there! TT (I'm like TT uhh~)

Alright, this post is specially made for Muslim Malaysian (but if you're not it's totally fine, but seriously if you are not a muslim there's plenty food you can eat there, don't get me started on the street food, heaven for the food lovers) because I am one and so are my friends.  And I've heard that Malaysians are rarely to be found making trips to Cambodia especially to these few places I'm going to mention.

This trip was my:
  • First trip to Cambodia
  • First oversea trip with friends

It was a last minute plan for me and I was just barely involved with the planning and budgeting, thanks to my friends, they helped me a lot while I was overwhelming with work stuff (yea Ive started working).  After I was done with work stuff, I had two days to pack my stuffs, days before that I asked my family to buy me some food to be brought there.  They bought one pack of wheat cracker with mini packaging inside, two packages of instant noodles, 1 pack of drink stuff the 3 in 1 drink.  If I'd known, I'd bring a lot moreeeeee!


Cambodia Trip

Time: 28th November - 4th December 2016
Places: KUL-Phnom Penh-Siem Reap-Battambong-Phnom Penh-KUL
Hotels: Prat-
Transports: Buses, tuk tuk, minipost van


KLIA-Phnom Penh

Date: 28th November 2016
Departure: 4:40pm (Malaysia time)
Duration: 1 hour 40 minutes
Hotel: Pra-tna Guesthouse and Coffee (RM86 overnight)
Meal: MK Halal Restaurant (RM      )

  1. We gathered at KLIA but I was in KLIA 2 because of some misunderstanding (I'm such a noob).
  1. We departed and about 1hr 40 min later we arrived at International Airport of Cambodia (I assume this is the name) in Phnom Penh.  Kecik je airport dia.  Masa ni mcm okeh da what?
  2. There were plenty of people waiting and it looked as if we were the only Malaysians la.
  3. I searched for the toilet first, as expected it's not muslim friendly, so berinstinjak pkai tisu la, my friend had with her a bottle.  
  4. Reading a map

  5. Then we proceeded to buy a simcard.  We bought only one and we bought the Cellcard because it reminded us of Umobile.  Yup we bought it because it looks like the one we have here in Msia. LOL and put it in our extra phone.  My phone in this case, Blue Lucky. 
  6. Tuk Tuk drivers were all over us, all over the other tourists but we wanted to ride a bus.  So we walked through the traffic.  The night was setting in.
  7. We asked for the bus stop and so we waited there while ada org laki botak crite pasal sistem bus kt situ, tgh condemning kerajaan depa la bagai.  English dia baik *thumbs up*.
Waiting for a bus

In the bus

8. It wasn't long before we found ourselves sitting comfortably in a bus.  We paid in Cambodian Riel.  The ride was nice, air conditioned and there weren't lot of people. 
9. We said the word 'Night Market' and the bus assistant understood.
10. The last stop was the night market and we walked 5 mins before reaching Pra-tna Guesthouse and Coffee.  There were two single beds (if not mistaken lol) really low ceiling, one wall fan, an air-cond, a tv, a mall night stand with mirror and a bathroom.  Overall, it is satisfying.  Only lacking electric kettle.
Our room
Steep staircase
            11. After that, we had our dinner at Halal restaurant called MK Halal which we met by accident.  It's nearby to our hotel.
Pouring tea
Got to love the salt and pepper

12. We ordered three different dishes each and only 1 drink.  They also served a tea with 3 glasses of ice, so we could save a lot.
13. After that, we walked to the night market where we took some photos of us and the night environment.

Theater in the middle of the night market

*Expenses will be updated shortly*
and so is Part 2 of this trip entry

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