Sunday, November 20, 2016

Movie: Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them

Idk where to start, wut I wrote bfore got deleted n im pissed. 
All I knw, I clapped my hands at the ending credit, I love this movie & I fell in love with this character Newt Scamander.    

His character is something I never imagined, all I knew about him was that he is the author one of the ‘textbooks' in Hogwarts entitled fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and this  movie is nothing like the book (of course!)  The book is a reference book for the magic people & stuff.  So, when I think about author of textbooks especially, I think of a mad hair old kind of a guy but I was wrong, Newt was young and already written the book which at the end of the movie he's waiting for it to be printed and published.  

Newt Scamander is adorable, I bet he was the nerdy back in Hogwarts & where people think he's a freak & he's to be left alone all by himself in his own world.  This character is adorable (Ive said it but I say it again XD), he reminds me of HTTYD where he is the person who wants to educate his people about the creatures and that they're not harmful and they as much love too.  He's caring, shyreserved, sweet & a crybaby (really).  The way he says "Mommy's here" to the beasts, the way he understand the very nature of the creatures, he is like their best friend, I like how he said to Jacob "because I like you, and you are my friend and that is why I keep you" (not actual line ya).  But we can tell that Newt is the person who has very little friends and makes you want to hug him) he even said to Jacob "you are so likeable, well I always annoy people" sad huh.  

I notice that from JK's main heroes they would be the broken or weak or soft kinda guy (ofcourse but I meant theyre always the freak..hmm or this thing is a norm in making books eh??? Ignore me)..   

Jacob Walowski is a character who accidentally got involved with Newt somewhere in the bank.  He is a muggle and was pursuing his dream as a baker to own his own bakery.  His character is a kind guy, funny (the way he shrieks everytime he feels uneasy LOL).  He is an interesting character and one that keeps the hall filled with laughter.  

There are characters that I didn’t knw they are even in.  I usually see them in other movies and I was excited that theyre involved in another great movie from HP series.  Which is amazing.  (do more of these)  
The other characters are the Goldstein sisters, a brunette & a blonde; Tina & Queenie.  They're fine.  

To be honest I wasn’t looking forward to watching this, I remember not being that excited the 1st time I saw the trailer.  Maybe it is because of it is another HP thingy but with no Harry and the gang.  But I was wrong and  I love this every seconds of it (well except when Tina got messed up). 
I wasn’t sure what this movie is about after watching the trailer but I somehow managed to come up with a closer idea of it; I told my mom that this movie is about a guy who wrote a book which hundred of years later (When actually this was set in the year of 1926, so it's like only 40ish years later) is in the library of Hogwarts and that in this movie where (somehow) he keeps his beasts and the rising action is when some of them escape and this story is basically about him trying to recollect his beasts back.  (close huh?) But it is more than this.   

In all, this movie flows smoothly, it is something new especially the beasts.  JK introduces more creatures that arent in the series of HP movies (I might forget some)  The beasts are amazing and I always wondering how things work inside JK's head (and many2 credits to the team who turn that into life (animation) oh yea the presentation is A+).  Just like Jacob's lines in the movie; "I am not dreaming, right? Cause this cant b from my brain" (I forgot the actual lines are but you get the point and this is to the scene where he sees the beasts & basically all the magic stuff ofcourse 

The story goes well, and I love that the hero isn't the one who also portrayed as the main romance subplot (idk how to word that bluergh) but Jacob is!  Queenie and Jacob going to make a cute pair.  I ship them.   
The ending is alright, where there's many being resolved at the ending.  How cute Newt is (he he he) but I wish there's more (of Newt) in the future movies (maybe) I would like to knw more about Credence and his nature, the adorable beasts.  How Newt & Tina would develop their relationship.  I wish it was a different ending for Jacob but this is fine too. 

It exceeds my expectations, it is something that I'd like to watch again and own a copy (so that I can replay Newt/Eddie's funny blinking eyes (which I find really2 attractive and cute) and Newt's mating dancing HAHA.  To see and study the beasts. This movie makes me want to be there so so badly, to be petiing the beasts or ride and fly with them and to own a wand.  This excites the long-slept pottermore in me. 
There are more to write but I can't spend all my time here TT_TT 

I personally like Newt, and the portrayal of his character by Eddie Redmayne (but I dunno how Newt is in words) is just so nice.  If Newt is meant to be a shy, sweet and quiet guy then Eddie did it, especially his funny-
but-adorable-and-deep-blinking he has, he looks so shy with that look, shy eyes, and deep blinking OMG (i wish I can describe better) and then I decided to watch another movie with him in it, and he,Eddie is indeed has that eyes I meant it's not made up just to suit Newt's character.  Eddie is like that himself.

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