Monday, December 29, 2014

Games : SIMS 4

So... I think I got a game that suit me! I didn't I was into role-playing games! is Sims a rpg? Actually it is a simulation game..ahahaha.  First started when I watched MattShea youtube channel and one other guy which I forgot his name, gomme.. >,<.. anyway, he is hilarious and I enjoyed watching his videos!  Then I decided to have the game installed.  I actually had to wait to install it because I needed the internet connection but I was at my brother's house and it is in the jungle and so I waited.  Then my other bro gave me this cool link, it helped me a lot.  Thanks, dude~

This video.  Check this out to make your game work!

So it has been a few weeks since I've been playing this game.  At first I kind of messing up all the sim people ahhhaa, it didn't work out the way I wanted it to.  And of course I'm excited to do a lot of experiments, the cheats, the hacks and etc. Not until today, I learn how to do some cheats! hahahaa well I already experienced the struggle of work your butt off just to gain some money to feed your family (well.. I just let them get off with the 'Quick Meal') so I think it is fair for me to try the next level.. I'm not a pro gamer, I just call myself a person-who-plays-some-cool-games-and-not-going-to-be-a-pro-gamer-and-just-enjoying-myself aha!  Before this I actullly managed to install a game in my phone, the phone that wont let you add anything on it erghhh.  But I did.  The game was suggested by Sarah and I installed and played it and sometimes I still take a look at it.. The game is Dream House Days~ it is from Japan and it is cute and enjoyable..I got to have the feeling of being a landlady or something. Cool.  I made the first tenant named Luhan.  And then he got a wife and grew old and then decided to move == with no child.  I was a bit upset about that. Idk why but when it comes to games, I really want my characters to breed..and a lot.. yaaa..
The Dream House Days android game

And then I thought that this kind of game that attracts me most.. I did play the action games before but they didn't do much for me.  I do love them tho, kind of makes me feel awesome about myself haha eventhough I was not a good player but I played with my bros and thats cool :D.  Then I really love playing those kids' games wehh, dress up games, bake cakes games and etc O.o I myself shocked to discover this part of me O.o.

Luhan marrying Gerard
 This has nothing to do with any of real life people or characters eh. Just random names I could think of. And I think I;m getting better in naming characters.  My very first household.  The one in pink is Luhan Leonardo! I accidentally put that last name which doesnt suit at all.  That was my first of many new lessons about this Sims world, you cant change your name!  Yaa I made him gay.  (this is just a game heheh) he was marrying the love of his life if based on that pic. I forgot who is that.  But then, I deleted the whole game because the daughter of a household (cant remember which) ooooo I remembered now!  That guy in suit is Gerard Way~ hahha nothing related with the MCR's Gee was just happened cuz I need to make an adult in a household after I made Epal Way (I always love the last name 'Way') then I made a lil bro to her named Karl Andre Way..Yaa then I created Gerard.. so this is the my very first household, Luhan is second.  Then I made Gerard and Luhan a couple but they can't have a baby (I didn't know they can adopt meh == and I did install a mod babiesforeveryone but nothing happen so I uninstall it :3) and so I made the young adult Epal to find a lover and it turned out an old married man next door hahahhahah! They got married while Epal was pregnant!.. Hahaha what a mess right!!  After it was so messed up I deleted these households!  I was like ==.

Mika and Lola in their night garment.sorry for the ketidaksopanan and she was pregnant with Lokee.
Then the-after-that-households and I can finally get a grip of this household and it grows smoothly.  I made a married sims living in a small house in Willow Creek.  They are Mika Avery and Lola Avery.  Both names were inspired from Mika who else! Love him! But the family name was randomize and I wish I could change it -oo-.. I made them a big family well to think of they just have four kids..not that big but even though it is a game, bringing up a baby is soo hard :( so I made them stop at four kids.  They need space for grandchildren now..hehe.  Their kids are Lokee, Grace Kelly, Alfred (which was decided by the game because I wasnt there when he was borne) and Mikayla Mae Avery.  Two girls and they are red headed! hehe. Hmm I wish I can post their pics but I dont have them.  And they are growing up now hmm.. I made Grace Kelly to be a lil wee bit to love the long hairlock on GK and then when I busy playing the other household that is already in the game, she grows to be a big woman yaa but yaa she got that big boobs from her mom.  And so is Mikayla Mae. heheh but I always make them go on the treadmill.  I made them a big house after I learn a few cheats heheh.

yaa great pic of Avery family

That Black girl is Lokee's wife :D. and Alfred wasn't changed yet

Lokee is feelin his mommy's belly

I changed Lola's hairstyle

Good father Mika is reading to Lokee & GK

Olivia is a rich girl (that is why I made Lokee marry her!)

Olivia is kissin Lokee

Olivia failed with previous attempts

Yup she proposin to Lokee. He said yes.

Look at that rich building of Lewis family. Olivia Lewis. She's half black half chinese I guess.
And here is the plot gets tricky. Newly married couple and a baby named Lea Andrea Avery (cant think of a nicer name == I mean to my liking) moved in to Lujan's residential.  They are super rich too.  Alfred too joined because the house gets too packed.  While Alfred worked part time in clothes retail shop and go to school, Lokee flirted with the Harold Lujan! Can't believe it went to fast! I mean the pink bar indicating the love tension between the two sims. hahaha and then I learn that we can make the male sim to appeared pregnant but cant have baby tho using cheat..and I thot why not..trying2 right.  Then I made Olivia to see the newly couple having woohoo and she was laughing!  and then she got mad!  wahaa messed up aint it. but yaaa.

So yeah.  I had other few more households but I deleted them because it gets out of hand. And I enjoy building houses the most!

My atm Inspirations~~>


Saturday, October 11, 2014

Movie: Maleficient

*contains spoiler*

Just finished this.  Love it.  I love every scenes of it. Reminds me of Frozen.  That's a true love.  My favorite scenes are the one when sweet Aurora first greet Maleficent.  It was sweet and even much sweeter when it is Vivienne >< Angie's daughter.  It was a cool scene and I just love it.  The second scene is when Maleficent was trying to revoke her spell but failed.  That feels. ughhh.  Then the scene after the prince kissed Aurora but nothing happened.  I love what Maleficent said to Aurora.  It was a tear-jerking.  Come on, I'm a soft hearted.

 "I will not ask you for forgiveness. Because what I have done to you is unforgivable. I was so lost in hatred and revenge.  Sweet Aurora, you stole what was left of my heart. And now I’ve lost you forever."

"I swear no harm will come to you as long I live. And not a day shall pass that I don't miss your smile."
And you know I thought Diaval would kiss her.  Hahaha.  But then I knew it! Maleficent has been with Aurora's entire life, she watched her as she grows and provided her with everything she needs.  She was there every time just like Aurora have said...I saw your shadow anywhere I go.   Maleficient would never have thought she would fall for the 'beastie'.  Well, she said that when she cursed Aurora, "Will be loved by everyone who sees her" well I'm not sure the right dialogue but it carries the same meaning.  

About that girl who played Aurora, I knew it! I knew it was Dakota's sister!  Haha I am cool~  She suits the character well, ughh and what a nice looking girl, tall and beautiful and suits that Aurora name too.  I love all the casts, they look awesome in their characters and yaa Stefan, serves you right, how can you play with someone's heart and you are lucky that beautiful Maleficent fell for you, you ugly boy.  Hate you.  And yeah why would Maleficent turned Diaval into a horse when she can turn him into a dragon! Okay, maybe on her defense, she needs the Phillip prince to be with her and to keep the horse or something..idk.. *squiting eyes*.  And yeah I ship Diaval and Maleficent. Hehehe.

Yay 10 stars!  ☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。
Well, I love fantasy and magic.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Song: Meghan Trainor


A combination of nice lyric, nice dance, nice mv, nice voice and nice everything!  Just love this instantly!  Makes me remind the beauty of music!  Just a total love!  That booteh booteh!  WIll be my obsession for this very next second!  Just classy! I may be exaggerating but this is how I feel, can't help myself.  I listened to four of her songs now and

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Album: La Roux

I had this album quite a long time ago and thus gone my first impression, hmm I should occupy myself with notebook on this stuff and the review.  Uhh.  But, I have always listened to the Bulletproof and it took me like years before I had the desire to have the whole album.  Maybe I don't want to disappoint myself.  I just really love the track.  And few years before, I watched a video, a live one and she sang with her eyes closed and I was like a bit turned off by that and her singing wasn't to my liking.  But now, I searched any live videos and I love her so much and yeah of course La Roux as a whole!  She sings just as nice as other singers should be!  I like her performance, it is indeed a worthy shot if we would go to her concert and see her on stage!  She is energetic!  And in one performance, she reminds me of Gerard Way!  She is crazy.

My favorite tracks are Bulletproof (since forever), and In for the kill. I love the album as a whole.  A techno genre that I can include in my list or something.  I should write more.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Cameras Appreciation Post!

It's been super while (is this a word?) now!  And it is Ramadan!  May Allah bless us all and may our deeds & prayers accepted ><.  It is the forth of Ramadan already and my neighbors are being super nice to give us lauk for iftar.  There were mihun, ikan asam pedas, more mi hun, and today chicken curry!  Alhamdulillah~  I made potato soy sauce too. 

And yeah I slowly find myself attracted to photography lately.  I am so in love with this whole photography things now.  It has always been in me since I don't know when but I never thought I would want to capture photographs of someone or something this bad lately.  And I have my pet cat , Etee to be one of my subject of photo or my model.  Too bad she only gave me same pose.  I always want to capture her big iris moments as that are the cutest of her of all.  She is super cute.  Mostly people won't find my cat attractive and pretty but I love her anyway. :D.

So I have been searching for photography blogs a lot and yeah I always love watching ANTM or any shows similar to that because they had photo shoot sessions and cool photos after that.  Maybe that was the starting point.   I include some latest tumblogs I am following.  Mostly on landscape photography.  Looking at those mesmerizing, beautiful, mistical photos make me feel what an enjoyment capturing landscapes can be.  Never thought it would be offering the same feeling we would when we do people photos.  Lucky them to have such a wonderful place nearby (or maybe they are living in that place).  You might find nude photos in their collection.  image
I love all of their work Im gonna cry T_T.  I want to have cameras now.  In my house there a few of cameras but a few had broke down or at least lose its abilities.  I would love to have more and more toy camera.  With film, they are much more cheap.  

These are the cameras I have laid my hands on~
8Ten 1.3MP action camera
Samsung Wb250F
Lumix DMC fs12
Nikon Coolpix L18 (my very first own camera)
Canon Eos 1100d rebel t3
Canon Powershot G12
Digital camera
Kitto Underwater Lomo Waterproof Film Camera Light Blue
These are the ones I want! Hahaha.Ha Ha ha.
Holga TIM & flash
Holga 135BC White-Red
Diana Deluxe Kit (please!)

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


it's been a while since I last updated.  Today, my parents and my yo-dongsaeng went to town to have our lunch.  And yeah we had mees and chicken chop for yo-dongsaeng and I forgot to take photos but naahh who cares *snort*.  I had Penang laksa, asam laksa for omma & mee rebus for abeoji.  then we headed to a few places before we finally went to Parkson which I first thought as the Watson ==.  For practicum sake, they bought these for me~  Alhamdulillah~great sale~~ This time, my shoes are the normal ones (it means they aren't heels, sexy heels).  Omma had her eyes on these shoes since then, she mentioned this.  And this is my very third it?  I think so.. :DD

I got my eyes on you~~ *sing Drake's song*

and a few more shoes!  Brilliant shoes & I got no chance of photographing them 
I was scared ==.

Yeah me managed to kidnap Etam!  Still why she acted this way :(

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Gif Octopus~

so yeah my first gif.  Hahaha.  I really love this part, my fav part & the funniest!  Reminds me of my siblings & cousins!  *octopus dancing*

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Birthday: My Coursemate~

Million thanks to my friends who came and did this to me. I really (1000x) appreciate it from the bottom of my heart  tq tq tqtqtqqqq
Photo: Thank you for the wonderful, extravagant night and making it as one of  the most memorable birthday night . :3 you are guys are totally cool <3 Love u huehueheu
Thank you for the wonderful, extravagant night and making it as one of the most memorable birthday night .  you are guys are totally cool  Love u huehueheu — with Nur Hasina Mohd Ibrahim and 3 others.

Thursday, April 17, 2014


but ya I assume I'm the only one who just watched this last night

I was crying when I wrote this entry.  I was looking for a troll or meme to post on my fb as I volunteered to do that for their research or something, I came across this & it crashed me.  I was waiting for the downloading which I didn't even started yet to finish but then this happened!  It was like having the biggest secret unleashed! idk what I'm saying.  And then I remembered I saw a thumbnail of HIMYM finale ep on youtube.  Luckily the line was good.  Yaa I didn't even watched the first twenties eps tho.  I shocked that Robin & Barney didn't last longer, that was unexpected.  My fav moment was when Barney sees his baby and was being emotional, finally met the love of his life.  TT_TT.  That was a heart warming scene.  Eventhough I kind of know how it would end, Tracy being dead or something & I once again didn't expected it ended that way.  What the kids said was true, it was always be about Robin and not the mom.  The blue French horn scene made me cried a river.  idk.  I personally don't really know how I actually feel.  Maybe because of the almost no attachment between me and the Tracy character I don't really feel bad about the whole idea of the story.  I hate the description this wiki tells.  Really am, it sucks.  They should change it.  There are plenty more people who haven't started this show and would like to watch but please not with that description. idk.  But here I am pasting it in my writing, I've warned!  And how I always hope that Robin is the one.  And Robin please don't mess up again! idk.  When the kids tell Ted about Robin, I remembered about their vow they made many years before that on to get married with each other if they haven't found anyone when they reach forty.  I'm happy for them.  I think I am ok with this whole story.  I believe most of us wanted Robin to be the mother but the plot twist which I find very awesome, still managed to make Ted and Robin together and she is not even the mother.  I think it is cool.  But then I think Robin & Barney is great together.  Haiyaaa.  It was all about Robin after all.  Feeling like making a poem on this.  It is wonderful, funny, eye-opening, sad, and etc.  I had fun watching these.  I loss words heh. 
 *applaud on you guys*
thank you.  



Monday, April 14, 2014

13 Things Only Siblings Understand

I can relate hahahhah,
I bet they are real siblings & the girl is the older sibling.
And I love this man's voice.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Current Fav~

Yeeeehaaaaaa!  So I may be late but I found another model to be included in my favorite list!  And she is CARA!  Cara Delivingne!  She is soooo coool!! She can make funny faces but still look awesome & pretty!  Guhhh!  Thick sexy brows.  She was born in 1992.  And I just knew about her from ANTM cycle 20 when Tyra showed the models her photos of her posing as another models and so I googled it.  Then this one photo caught me.  This one!

Tyra as Cara.  I think she rocks it!

And so I googled for Cara and here we are, I'm stuck with her coolness!  And I think she can make a pretty man too.  Androgynous something. 

without make up
Funniest photo of her so far! LOL

She reminds me of Andrec Pejic and Taylor Hanson.  And yeah almost forgot.  Found this while scrolling down in Tumblr and the reason I came up with this post.

Sun Don't Shine by Will Heard & Cara Delivingne

She sounds so good I can't stop liking her!  And the man, love his voice and they make a good duet!  Lovely~  Without you~~ Yeah~ Owhh~

Yea some Rihanna here:


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