Friday, January 30, 2015

Gadget: Headphonee~

music crazy rabbit now listening to Meghan Trainor- Creditmusic crazy rabbit
using AVF HM463

Edifier 840

For the Sony Headphone above, I got it without had a proper survey and planning, tried it for the 1st time then the next time I went to a similar shop, I bought it cuz I didn't know much and I wanted a headphone instantly.  It is nice and still use it.  It is adjustable according to your head length or something *squinting*.

The second headphone, which is the AVF, the sound is so clear and people can even listen to the song u listening to and I can be deaf, the headphone cup your ear wholly and I only put them on certain times cuz haha I think it's too loud but I super love them (is it them or it when referring to headphone? cuz they come in pair right? hahaha, so kids be aware happy dancing crazy rabbit)

Not a review but, I copied this from nam-dongsaeng for the 3rd headphone cuz that is his. He said "sound n fit mmg puas hati tp rasa mcm nk letgo la pulak hmm.. haha walau sedap tp clarity tinggi aku tk kenan.. sbb aku lebih ke keseimbangan walau dgr lgu je."  Too lazy to translate this heheh,  I was like this kill myself crazy rabbit the moment he said he wanted to let this go, u just bought it!  But, can't blame him for having the different view of how he hears things but just keep it slow, bro.  But I learn so much from u tho, I love good sound too, I'm a music lover love you crazy rabbit.  
Yeah if I were a sim character, one of my trait would be a music lover, my eonnie would be a foodie, haha.
But I only tried this once.  Lovely, just like the AVF only the ear cup or whatever it called, much smaller.

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super love this styles.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Birthday: Sarah-samaaa~~!

Alhamdulillah~ It's your birthday~~
victory onion head
dance with me crazy rabbit


a hug for you, my friend Cant thank you enough for your fantastic suprise luv you honey feel very blessed to have you as afriend 
And we can be awesome together.

# Exo # Suho Birthday cake murder. HAHAHA!! He obviously has never cut cake! XD
Skill yg hebat
  • I wish for something good to happen for you.
  • I wish for you to have the courage to ask for what you want.
  • I wish for you to have the wisdom to accept help when it is offered.
  • I wish for you to have strength and tenacity to keep reaching for your dreams, even when the odds seem stacked against you.
  • I wish for you to find happiness and to take pleasure in the fleeting moments, realizing that they are like pennies – when you add them up, they create a wonderful life. 
 ~Ni bukan ak tulis tp ni mcm interesting je (source) :)

Go on an adventure with my sister /BFF . First stop : Ireland
MatchPoint is one of the best movies I've ever seen, not what most have in mind when they think of a woody Allen film

Ps: And I was having an interview by myself about how I met you & stuffs. cool. You should try.  And this is the rest of kpop birthday songs .
Ni Sarah, ak jumpe link ni, leh ko wat ngan Suho nanti konsep ni smooth crazy rabbit

#np IU-Kiss Me
victory onion head

Monday, January 26, 2015

Writing: Unfinished =='

 I found this is my storage folder while looking for other stuff & I didn't remember writing this and it is obviously left hanging, now idk what it was about and where it was going.  Need motivation and ideas for thishead crazy rabbit. It is always not more than half a page or two paragraphs all I can get..sigh crazy rabbit

He folded the form paper before putting it in his old faded green bag.  He looked at his reflection on the round mirror before him.  He ran his fair, delicate but rough fingers through his reddish brunette hair.  Too lazy to use comb and he could not find one near him.  He then touched his face starting from the chin and up.  He noticed little stubble and actually took a while to fancy over it.  He decided to keep it until.  The jeans he was wearing were a bit loose but looked just nice on his slim healthy legs.  He would fold them up until before reaching his knees.  He put on his gray sweater with a little word printed on its back and stormed downstair. 
His watch showed 6.30 in the morning and he made himself a way to the front door and sat on the wooden bench, waiting.  Today the sun was late.  

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Games: (Sims 4) #3 The Forest


I am not sure why I don't have Cara Delevingne sims in my storage folder and maybe there is a way for me to get her images from the sims folder gallery but I don't know that yet, for now. So I will begin with the family tree.  I already did that in the previous post but well I want to share it again haha.
Love this family, guess what they are named after *wink2*

Dean Forest or Dean Ackerley Forest was the sims from the previous household which was married to Alfred Avery. Wow. I just want to make use of what I was able to save from the last household so yeah, here we are.  I might be making more screenshots of him and Roselle after this. *sigh*.

So I made Dean paired up with Roselle from the start so they are already madly in love with each other and I managed to change Cara name to Roselle Honey with the help of a few cheats hehe. Just didn't feel right making real life figure in love with someone fictional. But I mean at least for this game I'm in.

from left: Hunter, Redd, Auburn, Tawny, Coal, Dean & Roselle
After some times, they finally had their 1st born, a handsome baby boy   

Guhh I need a proper image == (too lazy to open Picasa to screen capture this) ke leh wat C je???

Look how he so look like Roselle, the hair, the nose wow and the blue eyes

I'm not sure if this is Coal or Hunter because he looks a lil bit diff from his bro but well yea..

Then, they are blessed with a second handsome prince;


Then, Dean & Roselle decided to have another one and in the hope of having a girl,
well they got a girl but the princess came with two brothers! Yup the couple got themselves a triplet! WOW
And the boys look different from each other, well they share the same nose, though. Auburn has Dean's look and hair and Roselle's brown eyes! Finally he has a child that have his look (well all his children have his eyes,tho) :) Tawny and Redd resembles each other.



The only girl. She looks so sweet :3

 This was when Hunter became a teen boy, he had long hair and after a haircut, he looks like that (look below)

looks a bit grumpy
Love his sideways  ♥  ♥ 
 And yeah! After years, when Hunter and Coal are getting their own families, momma & papa had another baby! wahah! They named him BRICK REMUS FOREST.

I still havent had his picture but I believe he looks the same and I think it has something to do with me using a downloaded sim when things turn out like this, all boys and looking the same, almost the same but this kind of families existed rite? :D

Ok move on to the less important household the Browne household which existed in the game system.  Yaa at first, I made Garret, Epal and Cash as roomies but then everybody moved out to find their own ways but Epal found a man, Hunter Browne and have a boy named Huckle Berry Browne-Wall.  And Epal is not a good girl hahhhhaha. Same goes with Dean.. you know where this is going..
They quietly conceived two kids together and they are Randall & Eric (I personally cant remember when did that happen and I wasnt able to name the kids as I was not there when she bore the boys) :( and Roselle knows nothing about this, but Dean never wanted Epal anyway. pfft. How could you. Epal, stick with Mr. Browne will yaa..

 Below is Forest family members growing up. Beautiful people.

Coal Noah had unibrow and I had to trim him a bit.

Auburn is a handsome teen boy and he decided to keep his long, auburn hair 

Roselle with her 1st ever pregnant belly :D. It was Hunter.
Madly love

Dean proposed, she said yes

They have a simple wedding ceremony

Two boys in the house!

Roselle having quality time with Hunter and the triplets were on their way :D

Carissa Ruby Potts as a little girl

Snow Heather Potts.  She got her name with that milky skin

- - -  - - -

wow, I hope they got beautiful kids :DD

- - -  - - -- - -  - - -- - -  - - -
Before I end this post on my rant of the Forest family, I want to make a little appreciation post on my last household which is precious to me :'(.

Grace Kelly Avery, pretty like her mother

Lola still rocking her body

This is Mikayla Mae Avery in her last trimester. I forgot who is she carrying
Ps;That's about it, maybe more posts on them in the future, if I have more to say.
- - -  - - -
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