Saturday, December 28, 2013

Album: Prism


Katy Perry's fourth studio album!  I always love her first but this is nice too^^  She puts different tastes in this album.  I can listen to several types of genres, yup really.  She even include 'By the Grace of God' depicting her suffer or struggle of her divorce and I almost use this track for my teaching material stuffs but I found Kelly Clarkson's Irvine huh.  All the best Katy, be awesome always^^, love ya!  So for this album, after some times of playing the tracks over and over again, I found my favorite tunes hehe.  They are the 'Roar', 'This Moment', 'Legendary Lovers', 'Birthday', 'Love Me', 'Double Rainbow', 'This is How we do', 'Walking on Air' and 'Dark House' the music especially haha.  So ya thats a lot!


Friday, December 27, 2013

Birthday : Maknae of 6On1!

Sorry I dont have cooler photo or gifts for you but I will someday, InsyaAllah!  And dont forget to bring back my gift from you that Rilakkuma pillow!  I hope you doesnt fall in love with it.  Ya!  I took a photo with Totoro!  I wish I can buy you that thing!  Haha!  Alhamdulillah~ May this day bring countless happiness and endless joy and live with peace and serenity. Happy Birthday.  Hope we can eat cake together!


Thursday, December 26, 2013

Album : Love & Hate


1. "Lonely"  

2. "One Way Love" (너 밖에 몰라)

3. "Don't Love Me" (사랑 하지 마)

4. "Stalker (스토커)" (feat Mad Clown)

5. "Massage (마사지)" (feat Dok2)

6. "Closer"  

7. "Red Lipstick (립스틱 짙게 바르고)" (feat Zico of Block B)

8. "Falling"  

9. "O.M.G" (feat Lil Boi of Geeks)

10. "Tonight" (오늘 밤)

She used to be in my hate list but now she is one of the top on my favorite list!  Lesson to be learnt here is not to hate 100% on something or on someone and not to give your 100% when you love something or someone this applies to your lagha interest la at least.  So I just finished listen to all the tracks here.  I love them.  My favorite are O.M.G. , One Way Love, and Closer!  She should make more solo albums and also be in SISTAR too all the time!  You guys are just great~  .  HyoRin .  Hwiting!  For both me & you hahah!  

And yeah I would like to dedicate this album to my sweet friend Siew Ling because today is your birthday! You share the same year which HyoRin was born~  :D You must be smiling now & I am glad you found your own female celebrity that you fancy most~  And I found mine, Rihanna.  Haha Im sorry I brought her up here.  Thanks for being my friend too.

Hyorin sent a cake for you!
Now Playing : HyoRin- OMG
Ps: I think I have a gift for you, a small one.  I hope you like it. 


Language Tests (subject)

These are the list of my fellow course mates' blogs.  We made these for our third assignment of the BIP3033- Language Tests in Schools subject.  This is one of my favourite class!  Our lecturer is super kind!  ♥ you!

1. (SK Taman Putra Perdana)

2. (School-Based Assessment)

3. (Gap-Filling) ✓

4. (Validity in Testing)

5. (Principle of Testing)

6. (MCQ)

7. (dictation test)

8. (short answers)

9. (matching)

10. (summary & essay)

11. (test specs)

12. (gap-filling)

13. (dichotomous items & ordering tasks)

14. (inter & intra rater reliability)

15. (item writing) (pretesting & analysis)

18. (training examiners and administrators)

19. https://reportandkeeping (recording scores)

20. (statistics)

21. (item analysis)

22. (statistics 3)

23. (information gap)

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Cosplay: Not really but yeah!

So finally I managed to wear what I always wanted to wear!  Well even though it's not really the outfit but this is the closest!  I am so grateful!  Alhamdulillah~  I should start save some money now for the next costume!  Maybe a real character cosplay or maybe not hehhe..  This is my first time to such event and I think it was pretty nice except for the crowded space and expensive stuffs.  I didn't bring any good camera and I only have my messed up phone with me.  So I was relying on a friend of mine!  Thanks Shafiah and love your camera!  It's cute.  Super cute!.  While waiting for Siew Ling and Sha, me n Hazel were in Kinokuniya & onesan gave a call saying they were coming!  Wahah it was a great pleasure!  They wanted to see me in this dress plus to hand me my new phone & I returned omma's phone back to her :DDD Thanksss guysss!! (´ ▽`).。o♡. We share the same new experience and that is wonderful ❤.
One Piece


Hmm in the garden

Card Captor Sakura with us

There are more photos but for this site I guess these are enough.  Thanks again for the photos.  Thanks to my friends and yeah you r welcomed!  I am so glad we made it there.  Tiring legs.  Messed up shoes oh the pain! hahah,  I hope we can go together next time, 6On1!  Please guyss hehehhe!  I finally can tick the box in my silly wish-list.  The cosplay box...well even tho it's really not a cosplay of a anime or cartoon characters, I was costume-played rite.. hehe.  Noob me. :D And yeah, I am inspired by the booths of the artists there..They are super talented and I like the arts so much.  I collected their business cards and bought some artworks.  if u can see the things I bought~ they r just mainly on people's artworks :DD.. I love illustrations, man! Too bad im not anime otaku :>.. The things I went gaga for yesterday was the adventure times goodiess n super cool cosplayers :DD.  Stuffs I bought for me n yo-dongsaeng.


Monday, December 23, 2013

Birthday: Doraemon Girl!

"Only special people receive wishes from my side. 
And you have always been on the top of the list. 
Yes, I mean it."
 Yesterday was my one of my bestie's birthday, Syaid!  Alhamdulillah for everything!  I am so sorry, I forgot to wish earlier >..<  this is so not me right?    LOL So Im looking forward to us n the rest of 6On1 members to gather and have a great day out!  Please this time to photo studio? Yay or Nay?  Missing you guys~

Thursday, December 19, 2013


Today is like the second last day for this semester then we have our study week next week.  Yeah KPD assignment is submitted~ Last night we held a potluck party or something and we ate some yummy meals.  Dr even brought us roasted chicken.  Thanks!  A friend offered us a ride home and so we went home.  Nothing much to say nyeh. I didn't take photos and yeah only my plate.  The rest I left it to others to take photos and stuff.

Some of the food I ate

Last presentation for Language Test class; Blog evaluation~

Our group leader

Evaluation form

One of my group member image

Another one image

Evaluating others' blogs
For KPD group, we submitted our lesson plans, project-based assessment & monthly test specs, test sample and all in a file.  The folio looks so nice we thought of keeping it to our self!  

Cost us Rm 40!

The cover

Some stuff for material development class

To be submitted tomorrow!

#np- Drake- Hold on We're Going Home  <---- Jenna Marbles brought me to this hahha!
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