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Friday, June 3, 2016

random: lazy to organize these

Reflection preschool #3 Iqra: Only me & Cah monitored the kids and we lacked time.
ENG (beta): it was horrible (-_-), the kids were out of hand and I was pissed.  I’m sorry kids.  Maybe it was me but… They need a lot of attention, most of them are way behind, maybe three of them are able to read well.
They had hard time to understand instruction and I think they might not understand the angry tone.
The rest of the work time was used for me to print out the kids’ names.  I need to paste them on new writing books, vocab books.

Reflection preschool #2
Iqra: We had a colleague’s daughter to help out so I had to monitor fewer kids.  A few leveled up to volume 6.  Some remain on the same page of their current volume.  One student (I believe this applies to a few others too) can’t even recognize the letters *gasp*.  They’ll bloom.  I’ll wait.  But most of them are kinda lost (I cant figure precise word) :(
During breakfast, Deena got her huge watch kept by my colleague (two teachers handle a class, remember?)  She quietly wept (^_^”)
and also a girl complained that there’s boy staring at her (idk why the need to tell me idk what to respond lol)  and Deena wanted to say “Sebab dia (the boy) cin- “ what… haha. 
I hate that boy tho.
ENG (alfa): 1 hr class, I got them to complete any blank pages and made them watch few vid clips I downloaded last night.  It was hard finding the videos, the good ones *sigh*  Deena was not in the mood tho so I gave her watch back.
First, it was the ABC clip, there were two to three videos on Body Parts (which I am so glad, it syncs with today’s topic of discussion.  -Revision-
They responded very well to dance songs lesson like ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes” “Walking, walking”
They responded well to naming things; “Phonic Songs”
They responded badly to lyric songs (they need pictures whatsoever!? even tho the songs are hit!)I played the “I am a Muslim by Yusuf Islam & friends”.
i forgot the rest now that I skipped a day erh

Reflection: preschool
Iqra: I see some of them progressing, I actually witnessing their improvement and some, well still in confusion, lots of confusion.  But they’ll bloom.  They always bloom, right?
I like the sight of them pausing and asking for clarification or giving me the what-is-this-look, they want to learn.  Right now, this phase they are highly capable of absorbing things vividly I mean if I say ‘Jane’ as ‘Jaa-een’ & not ‘jen’ they got it right on the 1st try.  (my students theyre ESL students).
I tease some kids especially Deena hahaha she is like the cutest thing ever, her physical resembles a 3yo kid.  Her voice is even cuter!  Whenever she salam my hand, I would grip her hand tighter and she would kiss my hand again! hahahah so cute.
Today, her sister greeted me & I know instantly that was Deena’s sis, she asked how her baby sis was doing haha cute siblings!
ENG (alfa): They finished workbook 1. yay. but there are still some flaws and also some of them did not.
ENG (omega): They listened better than alfa & they r left with one more page before we can proceed to vid revision.
ENG (beta): most of the time was consumed on waking them up (^_^’)
Sleep time: I was alone and it was horrible, a few of them got out of hand & I had to yell my lungs out still hurts.
LIB: They were free to get any books and read at their own pace, but good part was some of them came up to me to get my guidance to read both BM & ENG; Ryan, Alli, NK & few others.  Before that I spotted an attractive cover.  From afar it looks like a girl with black hair and so I picked it up and when I flipped the 1st page, I saw three lines on a page (the other page is filled with illustration) and it caught me instantly! Then I counted the syllables, they’re fit.  theyre HAIKU!
ps: these kids call me by full name hhaaha
I changed their names to be understood only by me.

N her talk is nice laa..
Like it..feel like keeping the journal her team published..
New ilmu..information..
The summary of the talk is if we cut on alcohol,smoking,obesity, n consume honey constantly, cancer can b prevented,
Prevention is always better than curing
N then adela tnjuk experiment2 on rats n all
How she suggests we shuld keep bees farming secara meluas..
N ade chairman reminded us on the surah An-Nahl in the Quran…how Allah already mentioned about the bees n honey.
Now i feel like making a bee farm..cuz when i see it myself..ternakan bees r hard to be kept..they easily affected by the vhanges of the place n ran..n theyrr small easily died, lifespan yg sket..n kesedaran rakyat on beekeeping is still agak kurg…so i risau hahah again i risau smthing too big for me..
N also theres a stall jusl madu including frm Gua Niah.
Hmm thats probably summary of the talk

Chat: screencaps

  • Boy A:Nape eh pmpuan takut lipas? Cikgu takut lipas x?
  • Me:Sy x takut, sy geli sebab sy pernah terpijak lipas
  • Boy B:Misti bau
  • Boy A:Kalu jumpe lipas cikgu eeeeeee ke?
  • Me:Sy xdekla eeeee tu sy mcm ehhh
  • Boy B:Oh cikgu ehh ,sy ohhhh
  • All:LOL

Sweet Jewels
I saw my friend’s status on FB regarding her students.  She is already in the stage of my-students-are-my precious jewels.  She is so sweet.  Not sure if that is quickly escalated but at some point, I think most of us are in that stage already.  One of them might be me.
And guys, I am sorry for any harsh words I blurted out (If there any) was never meant to be said to you guys (well maybe for some of you)..

Since my housemate mentioned about borrowing the badminton rackets and since I asked the boys myself (most of the students I know are happened to be my neighbours! One of them is even from my class), whenever they meet me in the school compound, they asked whether I will be playing.  Haha!  I kept on reminding them that I will not be playing.  They insisted, tho.  Now I am sleepy and the others are out for dinner and I hope they manage to get here so they can play with the boys.  Don’t want to lose their hope.  They even asked me again just now ==.

Being a teacher is rewarding at some points, most of it.  Love the feeling, Masha Allah~ :D.  At school just now, a boy offered me a chair when he saw me entered the room.  And I was looking for a chair the 1st time I got there, others were busy.
Form 4?
  • Boys hitting each other, teasing.
  • Me:Laa, ingatkan form 1 je mcm ni..
  • Boy A:*flexing his arm* sy mcm form 4 x, cikgu?
  • Me:*sengeh*
A day in school part 2
#np Bangels- Eternal Flame
The day before yesterday (・`(ェ)・) (if not mistaken) after had my early lunch with my friends and while walking heading to the staffroom, a pendidikan khas boy was tying his shoes and when he saw me, he instantly greet me with my name!  Even though I had my name tag on me it still feels awesome!  It was cute!
“Assalamualaikum, cikgu H******”
It was sweet.  Thanks, kid, you just made my day!
Seeing that, my friends said the kid asked about me before, whether I will be teaching him.  He described me as the girl teacher with the spectacles.
“Nmpk sluar cikgu..”
“Kain cikgu senteng..”
ughhh.  Next time the inner pants cannot be together with this kurung =_=
A day in school..
As the school & students are getting fine and warmer, I have problems with my housemates =_=,  I hate when things happened like this.  But I let it be for now.  Just now, I had to relief one class and it was not my own but I do know them.  My practicum mate have been teaching them and the students know me as well.  They greet me whenever we met.  The boys are recognizable as they are more active in class and yeah I think they perform better than the girls O.O.  *thumb up*.
Oh yeah when I went in the class, they were busy eating but I just hurried them up as the recess was a short. Then, they were quite hard to stay still, man.  Even the teacher class next to us was saying something to sshh them.  Ugh I felt helpless with this, she must have thought I cannot control my class but my students were just actively in discussion. A few of them asked me to conduct games but some refused.
After a while, I wrote on the board the spaces.  I wanted to play Hangman on Idioms.  Only three idioms were managed to be done and a girl asked me to stop(-_- how dare you?!) and their score were…A=☆☆☆ B=☆☆ C=☆ .
Before that, they asked me to take off my glasses (-__-“).  This is weird!  But I won! I won’t take my glasses just because I was asked to..It feels weird but with them I did feel a little funny and delighted.  They were curious how I would look like.  It is something. :D. Still. Weird. And yeah today, I wore inner pants and I regretted wearing it because my skirt would stick with the pants and caused my skirt to look weird and I hate it.  One boy noticed that and said "woaa mcm org puteh cikgu pakai sluar and skirt..”  Luckily I managed to cover by saying “kain cikgu ada mslh sket..” uhh.
After the class ended, they have to go somewhere else and so a boy asked to walk with him.  I just said ok.  I was walking while looking for my schedule and the boys were left behind…then they said why I left them!.Then the two boys walk behind me.  Haiyaa!  This is funny and I would cherish this. :D
to be continued…
(i have class to relief)
#np AKMU-Kirina

“When I grow up to fishing because it is my hobby.”
(; ̄Д ̄) (; ̄Д ̄)
My student wrote that and he is not the only one…== Most of them are worse and some can’t even recite the ABC!  What is this??  Why is he/them in that class?  Oh my.  No wonder nobody pass up their work!  They can’t even write a thing.  Only two or three peoples are able to make correct sentences and I believe those are just good luck.
This is where we teachers have dilemmas.  We have to follow the syllabus but for this case I want and I have to start over.  I don’t care.  So I think I found my question for my action research.
Using the syllabus and the themes and whatever they are, I’ll make them easy as possible since they are beginners and weak.  Start with what is sentence then ==.  They have to start over.
Then I face this.  How to collect the marks for the pbs stuff?  Does that mean I have to come up with my own questions after I bought those books??  Haiyaa..
*changing lesson plans*
(no wonder I was so tired to print out the lp last night, so Im going to pretend that I never came up with the listening lp & make a new one on today’s activities).(;¬_¬)
I hope you guys participate more and have the effort more after this >,<
what if they never going to get it ever?? they are just plain lazy T_T
and yeah how on earth they’ll write on literature paper??
#np AKMU- Play album ♫
don’t be too worried ok. U r a great person with great personalities. I x know wut shits u hav to go through everyday but I want u to be strong! Love u<3
—  SL 
They haven’t send their homework…not even a person.  I’m slapping them hard across the face in my head right now, especially those innocent looking girls.  What are you guys thinking?  U can’t even…!  OHHH!  This demotivate me a lot!  I feel restless with this.
Pusat Perkembangan Kurikulum
Get the HSP here~ So I got my timetable today but still under the original teacher’s name.  Technically I’m just replacing her place as she is on maternity leave like for 3 months.
I had one relief class today & it was a form 1 class and they were many kind of behaviour especially the boys.  Asked unimportant questions & stuffs.  Luckily the girls are just nice.  I hope they will continue to be like this.
And to my surprise I will teach them for this practice. 

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Poetry: Erasure

"Erasure is a form of found poetry or found art created by erasing words from an existing text in prose or verse and framing the result on the page as a poem."

Movie: Man's World

from my tumblr a loooong time ago.  getting rid of my tumblr once again.

Watch this video :D
I’m sorry if you find me ignorant or anything.  I dont want any trouble. Dont be mad cuz I might cry T_T.. This is my opinion.
Last night I watched this short webseries film or whatever they call, I call it short film but with series *chuckle* idk.  It was a a great presentation, good acting by beautiful actors/actresses, good message and intention, good cinematography, good dialogues and everything, it’s funny, it’s a serious matter & I enjoy it.  It has like 4 episodes and I’m not sure why is there a ‘season 1′ written there.. but I guess it must be something from the channel which I didn’t study or make a further research cuz I just found it and by randomly.  But, I share only one episode of them and you can check the others yourself,it’s there in the channel.
It is about a what if story, and what if women treat men they way men treated women.  This is their own synopsis and I might left out few words here and there but you get the idea.  I enjoy watching this but I didn’t look for the comments below cuz you know how cruel the world can be when it comes to writing especially on Youtube, sometimes, the fight for nothing.  It’s best to be silent sometimes, most of the times.  I know this cuz I talk too much and I am struggling to keep myself shut.  
Back to where we were, it is obviously dealing with feminism issues, women’s right and bla bla bla.  We are a confused creatures I tell ya.  Kiran, the main actor does not understand why women are still complaining when women are treated well, there are movie of ‘Mother India’ and there’s no ‘Father India’ cuz it is never made, and why when they curse they their mother’s name and not their father’s and bla bla; these are what Kiran said to his female colleague who was talking to the phone and complaining why they (female) are not appreciated enough by the society. And the events of what annoy Kiran go on for the first episodes like why such thigs as ‘marital rape’ exists.  And also the part when he wakes up and instantly asked his sister to make him tea, and the father is seen to be reading newspaper while the mother and the sister are cooking in the kitchen preparing for breakfast and the father complains about the stuff his wive made and bla bla, Kiran just laughs and agrees to his father.  This film is set in India and probably there are scenes or events that do not occurred in other nations but it shows how annoying men can be.
To be honest I’m not a feminist myself, or at least, I think.  If feminists are fighting for equality of all sorts or some sorts idk, I agree to just a certain degree, you know, too much of everything is not good and too little of everything is also not a good thing. I still want men to carry and do the heavy lifting, come on, we girls can handle weightlifting but we are not born with the same power as men are.  It’s a fact.  That is why we don’t compete with men in games or competition when it comes to power measurement, they run faster n bla bla. you get me.And I want my bros do the errand running and stuffs, do the ladder climbing to fix stuff around the house, well cuz I do the cleaning stuffs..and come on I do ladder climbing too, I replaced toilet seats, I hang curtains (I’m short really), I hang clothes to dry outside, when the rain comes, I have to get dressed and covered up to run and pick the clothes back inside the house,,and why any males in the house cant do this instead?? and in some cases, any females figure. there always that sibling do the working alone and not the other sibs despite any gender. LAZY
 I am a Muslim and I agree with men get extra properties/fortunes compared to females colleagues or female siblings because men do the family supporting.  Men are supposed to provide for his family.  And there are families who the wives do the supporting financially n all…but remember this, to all Muslim men, even though you are not working, you have to provide, as they are compulsory and you are lucky enough to be fed by your wives okay and there are girls who willing to get married to unemployed person like you. Whatever it is husbands have to provide nafkah even if his wive is a tycoon. And remmber her money is her money and not yours, but your money is hers too.  
The thing is that we are really dealing with is that this world we living in, are filled with ignorant brats and insensitive human souls and also lazy bums.  You know what kind of people that pissed me off. These kinds (the ones I mentioned).  I hate to see, a husband who sits at the dining table and commands (looks like that to me) to be served, while the wive and daughters are working their butts off in the kitchen.  They should at least shut themselves and just wait. Or better yet, HELP, give your wives or daughters a hand! I know you provided the money to buy the grocery (some men do not work tho, it’s the wives who support them) but you know what;s there in the kitchen?? It’s like taking 6 hours to prepare, the peeling, the cutting, the chopping n stuff, and it takes only 3 seconds to finish the meal and like 7 days of cleaning the dishes. BOOM. (credit to people who said that first).  And these men can’t stand their mothers/wives/sisters nagging??? REALLY? do they nag for nothing, check first!
And I‘ve seen and heard of many men who can do house chores just fine *insert big smiley here* and that’s a hot thing, dudes *brows dancing*  and I’ve heard that house chores were meant for men actually, and women just sit back and relax and give births. But women were kind enough to help their men and I think it evolves since then.  I’ve seen husbands do the laundry, do the ironing, do the washing, do the folding and etc on their own willing, not queen controlled, trust me.  And the jerk ones are the one who only knows to ask for help and only know what to do when told, they can do work but only when told, the’re do not have the initiative to look out and offer a hand.  Blame their family for raising them as men who only waits at the table to eat while the mothers/sisters did the cooking and when finished, they just left the table to take a nap or anything.
It is the insensitive and ignorant peoples, really.  Women can do the house chores, and they are fine with it and still go out there and working from 9 to 5 but what they can’t stand is when their husbands do not appreciate them, telling you just sit at home or you just cleaning stuff and bla bla bla.. ignorant piece *beep* . Hell yeah we are human kind, we want to be appreciated to be known, to be acknowledged, It’s true God sees that, but come on those lazy husbands, ignorant sons, and even lazy daughters..appreciate them!! Theres thousand ways of appreciating.
In the film, it is a heartbreaking thing when Kiran (in a flip side of world where women are men and vice versa)is chased by two women and he is terrified and nobody could help him, some passersby even said that this is your problem and I dont want to get involved, and when he tries to wake a taxidriver ,she insists to get more sleep.  I bet this is what happened there.  Girls and women are raped and that nobody can help them.  And there is some kinda rule or wut that raped victims there (India) are forced to get married with their rapist. SICK. so this film is to open eyes.  Also as many have known they get upset if boys were borne and not girls (in real life, they get upset if it were girls that being born). 
I just want the world where we are sensitive to our surrounding, we can work, we can go to school and get our education, be a woman, be able to do anything, be a cool ones, be a feminine ones, be a girly ones, be a masculine ones, do sports, do games, do cooking, be badass,  we need each gender, we need each other,we dont cancel each other out, we make good team, and if you ever encountered bad experience and nightmares around men, everything will be alright…cuz women too can be criminal and not all mothers care for their young anyway :( .. and not all of us are bad, mean and cruel. it is human, human can cruel, we make wars and all :( and trust me, some men (straight n not) are willing to be pregnant if they can,,it is just that they can’t. it is not their fault that they can’t…  and there are women who choose not to be pregnant cuz of many reasons. idk. Men and boys can be rape victims too and the perpetrators can be both males or female.  Also, it feels weird when girls argue about who can take more pain when there is no boys who brought the issue first.(happens to my class).. if nobody started anything (like bringing up certain issues that will lead to arguments,anything; the battle of sexes) then dont be the one who start it.  it shows weakness to me. 
n yeah if we support feminism does that mean we have to let some stuffs go? 
this world is just full of surprises. 
There is also male individuals who are feminist. ofkos. so, they agree with feminism because of these *pictures are not mine* : 
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