Monday, January 27, 2014

Birthday : Another year older mehh~

*blowing confetti over your face*

Assalamualaikum~Happy birthday Sarah-sama! LOL.  Ya so firstly I want to apologize since I can't make a present for you which is handmade by me.  Do ignore that sentence.  Weird sentence.  I am so busy living my life with the relatives out of town and I have to leave all my tools and stuff back at home.  Currently I'm at home to get some more stuffs and to get some work done before heading back to the 8hrs trip.  I missed my cats a lot too.  Hahah.  I had a lot of ideas for the gifts I was intend to make.  Trust me I had the ideas since Ika's birthday but the wedding date is getting closer and so I had to sacrifice your part!  Haaha sounds a bit ritual-ish!  There were so many things I wanted to make or at least one but I just't can't decide on which one to make.  One thing for sure I wanted to make book.  The kinda art journal book which should be a handmade stuff.  Than I were to include some guidelines for you on how to handle or use the book.  Yup something like that.  Then I thought of kpop stuffs; Exo came across my mind first hand.  So, sorry again huhuhu.  Haihh Just wait lahh.  Anyway, Alhamdulillah you're 22 now~ Smoga pnjg umuq, dilimpahi rezeki, cantek and sihat selalu, n bahagia slalu! dengan ucapan Hehe go get married!

Nah, random photo
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Monday, January 13, 2014

Movie : The Perks of Being a Wallpaper


I tweeted 'The Perks of Being a Wallpaper'.  I just finished watch the movie and I like it.  I encountered the titles a few times before when I was changing the tv channels but I didn't of watching it.  Idk.  It just does not came up to me.  But I just did.  I missed the first few scenes of the movie though.  I like the man.  Always.  Haha.  He is Logan Lerman and he reminds me of Jake Gyllenhaal and he is the introverted boy which I think is cute and again reminds me of Donnie Darko, same kind of boy, having a little mental breakdown or something but yeah Donnie was a real breakdown. pheww.  Emma Watson is in it too!  This is my first time seeing her in other movie than Harry Potter and yeah she speaks American accent here!  Haha!  But I sometimes caught her speaks her British accent a bit, I just knew.  She is a good actress~ Lovely girl.  This movie is interesting and Idk how but I just knew that this movie could be adapted from a book.  A novel.  An awesome book, I would guess.  And yeah there's a book of it and it triggers me to read the book.  I'll find it later.  Guhh.  I wish I'm a good reader >,<.  This story has cool issues in it.  And yeah then like usual, I would typed down the hero's name on Google image and there I found familiar looks.  Is he the Percy Jackson guy??  And YUP he is!  The best is I had never watch the movie before!  I hate that!  I always wanted to watch it but I just can't get my hands off other movies.  Appending.  I think I should start to look for it.  So, yeah another guy in my list hehhee.  Hi Logan.  This is clearly not a review of a movie hahaa.  Maybe just a tiny review of it.


Reminds me of Dylan O'Brien

I begin to know myself.  In the term of what kind of men that I like.  From the list of men/celebs that I fancy, they begin to create it.

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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Project: Not mail

So, I'm inspired by the post made by Adina.  What a lovely post and I super like it!  My chinggu's birthday was on the last 28th Dec & when I am finally be meeting her, I can give her a card I made for her.  Well, technically I just transform it.  I printed out some photos of SNSD girls and paste it in the card with a little note in it which I took it from some site.  I hope you like this and this is not perfect but ehh.  This project helps me brushes off the dust a bit.  Or something.  Idk.


The envelope

Sunday, January 5, 2014

FAVORITE MEN (´ ▽`).。o♡

I've been thinking to make a list of my fav men of all time! Hahah but then I came across with these in Tumblr and so I thought of to make use of this to make my work a lot more easier.  I'll be doin this in my junk journal too.  Im lucky for that most of my fav and fav-potential men are listed here and yeah.  I wrote the names in the caption below each gifs.

So my fav men are listed as the 41st, 42nd and 45th
Yeah! I see Jensen and Jake here (´ ▽`).。o♡

Yup I see my man, Hi Channing♥ and yeah a bit of JGL

I like Idris, Johnny and Pine

The 5th, 6th, 2nd and a bit of the 1st (still x tgk lg his work)
ya too lazy to make a link.  Waha!
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