Friday, January 22, 2016

TeachingStuff: Reflection: Tutor class (Thu Class;2nd week)

Last night, I again had to cover the 3rd grade class, (next week I’ll be teaching Form 3 students hmm).  There were 2 girls, cute, small girls but with big voice.  I handed out the module prepared by the center and they were a bit shocked cuz it’s too much haha but I reminded them it was for the entire year, I guess.

This class was the 2nd class of the nite, the 1st one was the 4th & 5th graders..on English subject as well as this. 

We started with the 1st pg, speaking task, so I recorded them but they insisted I keep it private. hahha. They are fast learners, they remmber things fast and I only guide them…they r 9 rite.

Then after a few tasks, one girl asked if we can do something else like the last week lesson (I did on the to/too/two question and remmbered the polka dot stuff I told glad she learned somthing from me haha) but then I told her we have to do what the book tells you too. then we continued to the Proper& Common nouns stuffs. They were freezing and had to move a lot but I let them be cuz theyre kids and theyre still under control and just only the two of them.  I love it when the girl waved & greeted me when I passed the hallway.  She even asked if I wanted to drink first cuz last week I asked for a lil time off cuz I needed to buy a drink.  Teaching is a thirsty thing.

Throughout the task on nouns, we encountered the noun ‘mother’, while I was checking their works, I sang the song by John Lennon called Mother! hahha cuz whenver we encountered this word we would say it the same way John did in his song!

I can’t help myself, I told them about the song and who made it and what is it about, including the movie Nowhere Boy hahahha!  I can’t believe this! I even showed them the photos of John Lennon and Aaron Johnson and how gorgeous these men r (especially on Aaron) hahahha I showed John’s pic and one girl went “oo handsome”and the other “hensem ke?” ahahhaha, then I showed Aaron and yeah they said yup he is!  Im a proud teacher ahahhaha..

“Children, don’t do what I have done” <– I taught this verse and explained it.

One girl told me she wanted to watch it but I told her that you have to ask your dad because the movie is not for kids and yeah don’t tell them that I told this to u hahahhahahah.  what ive done.  I kinda wanted to cry telling this tale of late John Lennon and they agreed it is indeed a sad sad story.  I bet one girl sniveled.

Then this one girl’s older siblings came in and she told her brother and how she wanted to borrow his phone,, haha I cant believe he is 10 and he owns a hp.   The brother is out of control, thank god he’s bright kid, he laughed the entire time and all. quite hectic ha ha.

There’s so much more thing to write but I stop rite here 1st.

In all, these classes are better than the last time.  And I didnt knw I could tell stories to kids and that they actually listen. wow.

I have to start preparing exam questions.  And this probably my last time teaching  these wonderful 3rd graders, I have to teach the form 3! God, big kids. Tho Im specialized in teaching big kids…but they are different..hmm.

I originally wrote this on tumblr: 15th Jan 2016 -_- then I thought, why? when I have this blogspot. 

Friday, January 1, 2016

Word100: Pemilik Kucing

Nama ‘Helena’ tertera pada telefon bimbitku.  

“Cuji x sihat.  Dia demam.” 

Aku tersentak pada ayat pertama. 
Tulisannya panjang lagi.  Semakin aku baca semakin gambaran 
Cuji jelas dalam fikiran aku.  Ya, Cuji sakit.

“Bler lg tu? Hel ktmana?” Tanya aku, risau.
Dia sedih dan aku faham. 

Aku teringatkan Jua.  

Dia juga pemilik kucing.  Setelah agak lama aku berfikir, 
aku forward mesej Helena kepada Jua.
Mesej ini mesej pertama setelah 
berminggu-minggu kami tidak bersapa. 
Sementara menunggu respon dari Jua, 
aku menenangkan Helena.

“Lap bdn Cuji dgn kain basah” aku taip apa yang Ma cakap.

Jua balas seperti kebiasaan.  Tapi perbualan tak panjang.
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