Saturday, August 5, 2017

Chapbook Journey: Some stuffs on bookbinding

I'm starting a new entry list called
  Chapbook Journey

Since I'm a fan of poetry and I do write some 
(I'm such a newbie please support me)
and I actually LOVE doing it, 
and after some time and I think I'm ready
(might be) and after some research, study, and thoughts, 
and that perfect timing, the art block and etc
I want to make some.
I do,
And I really want to.
Start small and keep doing it
and just fall in love with yourself.

I discovered some good techniques that can be used to make our own books!

I'm a huge fan of cute books!
and a fan of making them by own hands too!

DIY Simple Bookbinding For Soft Covers

DIY SKETCHBOOKS - No Stitching & No Stapler
Baylee Jae

Book Binding Glue Version
Annenberg Digital Lounge

Obviously I go for tutorial that use things that are easy to find.  From where I live it's hard to get the so many craft tools and even if we do have them, it'll cost an arm an a leg DX.  My favourite out of these will be the first one, I even search for Mod Podge and I found it!

Also I've  bind books before, normal stacks folded thin papers, stapled, then I used to make accordion mini album; hard cover bound *smirk* (now where did I put them???) and I really enjoy making them.  It has been a long time since I last made some.

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