Sunday, August 13, 2017

Journal: New Home

We spent our first night here last night in our new home!

I wish I have my close friends here helping around, not that I really need the help but watching movies where their friends are there with them, unload and unpack things up, this is just a perfect picture.  But anyway I never told them I'm actually moving houses again.  The last time I told them, some of them were upset and I was sorry but I have my own reasons.  I'm sorry guys.  I appreciate it.

Anyway the house decoration and furniture arrangement are not yet finished and we need another two or three more trips to finally clear the old house out from the stuff.  OMG there's a lot of stuff, really a lot. phew.  I wish I work here so I can help everyday, every evening and every night. TT

Today, we got rid of many things including some shoes, great shoes of mine.  I always love high heels but I can never really wear them anywhere (mostly on wedding kenduri).  I have problems with my feet too TT

Oh ya, a reminder for me of Jason 

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