Sunday, August 13, 2017

Music: Chris Koo

You know sometimes biler ak came across with vids guys dancing to girls songs geli mmg x kena, cringy btul tp this guy ak suke sgt siap jeles and wow and ulang play sambil sengeh sengsorang and secretly dancing along in my mind hahahh.  and maybe some of you tgk ni leh cringe.  Feeling ak tgk this guy mcm tgk Shinee's Key dances to girls songs.  Suke sbb mcm wow perfect and on point.  Tp ak jd cringy bler some boys mcm sape tu kump ZEA yg maknae x silap.
Rase mcm kesian, and ak kne tutup.  But this is clearly soal personal choice, ntah nape suke ntah nape x kan.  And ak kenal die ni same lame ak knal kpop and mase suke gler nk cover dances so jmpe this guy and ak suke gler bler die kaver Beyonce omg omg. So harap die dpt la cover Beyonce's Blow.

Below: I first discovered this video 

I was looking for Right? cover than I rediscovered Chris after so many years and I'm glad. Hehe
And suke sgt Unnie pnye lagu yg ni

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